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ON THIS DAY (26 Jan) in 1965, Lachlan Hugh Brown passed away

ON THIS DAY (26 Jan) in 1965, Lachlan Hugh Brown (Grandpa) passed away, aged 67.

He suffered a heart attack as a consequence of suffering from emphysema for the previous 10 years. He was a heavy smoker. He was born on 23rd May 1898 in Condoblin to Henry James and Annie (nee Lynch). His birth certificate named him as Hugh Lachlan although his Will and his Death Certificate, all state he was Lachlan Hugh and he signed his name Lachlan. You can’t rely on even original sources to get it right!

He played a good game of tennis in his youth and was once doubles champion at Manly Tennis Club. He loved going to the movies on a Saturday, usually by himself, and spent a deal of time reading critiques of every movie, keeping a note of everything in his little black book. He enjoyed going to the rugby union at North Sydney Oval, sometimes taking his daughter Janet along but she spent the time on the swings in the park next door.

At the age of 31, Lachlan married Ida Florence Homan on 19th June 1929 at St James Church in Sydney. They had two daughters, Pamela Maud and Janet Isabel and the family lived in various homes in Mosman until the start of WWII when they had to sell their own home and move to 1 Silex Road to look after Ida’s grandmother, Jane Wilson Chapman (nee Sanderson) who was known as Nanny. During the War, German nationals were interned as they were classed as enemy aliens and as Nanny’s German maid was one of those interned, Lachlan and Ida had to look after Nanny who was around 95 years of age at that time.

Lachlan joined the Voluntarily Enlisted Army during WWII on 27th March 1942 at the age of 43 years 10 months and was discharged on 14th May 1944 as “unable to attend parades”. That was possibly after one route march he went on which started at Spit Junction and finished at the Blinking Light intersection – now known as Wakehurst Parkway/Warringah Road intersection. He was totally wrecked after that march which is not surprising as that’s some distance.

After Nanny passed away, Lachlan and Ida purchased 64 Muston Street, Mosman, where grandchildren can still remember visiting and staying overnight in large old fashioned bedrooms which had big beds and dark drapes at the windows. They can also remember their Grandpa as a small “slim” man, he was only 5’ 6”, who sat on the steps of the room at the back of the house, rolling his own cigarettes, watching his grandchildren playing.

He was a quiet man and never spoke about his family, or anything really. He was only 66 years old when he passed away.

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